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Under the COVID provision, many people received Medicaid and didn’t have to reenroll. On May 11, that ends, and everyone will go through reenrollment over the next few months. Sadly, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 5 to 14 million people will lose Medicaid coverage. In North Carolina, officials expect that more than 372,000 people will lose coverage. The Community Free Clinic remains committed to providing access to quality healthcare for uninsured adults in Cabarrus County.

Our team here at Community Free Clinic is comprised of hundreds of volunteers and 17 staff. We serve more than 500 patients annually. Our organization does not receive federal funding. We also do not receive HRSA 330 funds, therefore we are not a Federally Qualified Health Center. We rely on donations and grants from the public and foundations.

In communities across the country, clinics are leveraging public/private partnerships, volunteers, and donations to provide healthcare services. With the rising cost of medication, lack of specialty care and the high cost of deductibles, there are many who still do not have access to needed healthcare. That is why Community Free Clinic is such a critical part of America’s safety net.

If you have been receiving Medicaid under this provision, know that the Community Free Clinic is here to help if you lose coverage, with quality medical care and medications – for free. We’ve been working to help our neighbors for 29 years, and will continue to as part of our mission and goals of increasing access and removing barriers to healthcare.

Please contact the Enrollment Specialists at our Clinic for guidance and to enroll as a patient.

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