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When James Gerber visited our Clinic for a tour we talked about our upcoming #Loweshometowns paint and flooring, he said “you really need a refresh. Let me help you.” James, a nurse and a firefighter, owns construction company Red Lantern Homes. As we walked through the Clinic and shared our space, James listened to our needs and enthusiastically offered to do more to help us.

The ideas for the refurbishment includes updating the waiting room with wipeable furniture and moving a door for better access, renovating patient rooms for greater use, providing a reception area for enrolling patients, and renovating the pharmacy to better access medications. James has volunteers at the ready to complete the work, and offered to raise funds to complete the project. James estimates that $100,000 would complete the refurbishment. James is raising money for the renovation. The Clinic will use any additional funds for operations.

“We love when our donors are so enthusiastic that they share the Clinic story and tell others how we support the community,” Executive Director Laura Lyerly Milliken said. “A refresh and refurbishment would be beyond our expectations and a way to welcome more patients into our space.”



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