Lifestyle Medicine

A Holistic Approach

We understand that health isn’t just your physical body, but also includes your emotions, stress level, relationships and daily habits. To best treat you, the clinic is proud to offer a holistic approach to your health.

How does Lifestyle Medicine work?

Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based therapeutic approaches to prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity.  It focuses on six areas to improve health:

  • healthy eating
  • physical activity
  • stress, healthy relationships
  • sleep
  • tobacco

Lifestyle Medicine utilizes upstream strategies to identify the root cause of disease rather than treating symptoms.

The Community Free Clinic is able to offer a Lifestyle Medicine assessment and plan for 50 patients each year as part of our new pilot program.

Prescriptions and referrals to lifestyle activities are assigned based on your needs and interest. 

    What are the clinics’ goals for Lifestyle Medicine patients?

    By June 30th 2020:

    • 12% increase in number of hypertension patients with adequately controlled blood pressure
    • 20% decrease in number of diabetic patients with uncontrolled A1C levels
    • 100% of patients with documented BMI; parameters with a plan of action, if outside normal parameters
    • 90% (45/50) patients enrolled in at least one referral activity
    • 80% of Healthy Living Program participants will indicate confidence in managing their chronic disease
    • 75% of healthy Living Program participants will complete the course
    • 80% of patients participating in Cooking and Support Group classes will report improvements in access to healthy foods and food security and confidence in healthy meal planning and preparation
    • 95% of patients will report a 95% satisfaction rate

    have questions?

    We’re here to help, please call us with any questions. We have bi-lingual English and Spanish speaking associates who can assist you.

    Phone number: (704)-782-0650

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