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Holiday Giving Banner December 2023

We are thankful for good health and our ability to provide wellness for our neighbors.

Without the ability to get or afford health insurance, our neighbors in Cabarrus County often make difficult decisions about healthcare. They may wait to get an injury checked, seek follow-up care, get a medication refilled, or manage care for a chronic disease. They may wait until they simply can’t wait anymore, and go to the emergency room.

At the Community Free Clinic, they don’t have to wait or worry over cost. They can simply get well. As their trusted provider, we offer them a care plan, supplies, and education to get well instead of going to the ER. With our network, we provide referrals for much-needed surgeries and work with those providers for decreased costs. Throughout our daily work, we feel the quote from Gandhi – “it is health that is real wealth, and not riches of silver or gold.”

Good health is when our patients feel hope, and begin to experience a full life in our community.


We act as a primary care doctor and so much more. We are grateful that we have an onsite lab and pharmacy to dispense medications for free. We are so thankful that we are able to support our patients with mastectomy bras, CPAP machines, diabetic testing supplies, blood pressure cuffs, and something even more basic – a meal to take their medications.

You make this possible. Your gift brings the health safety net to Cabarrus County. We are the only free Clinic in the county, and have been for almost 30 years. As Medicaid expands on Dec. 1, the need for a health safety net is even greater for those who cannot apply or receive that support.

This holiday season, you’ll give the gift of healthcare to more people. Since the end of July, we have enrolled 163% more patients than last fiscal year. Our neighbors need a healthcare safety net, and your gift provides that. 

For $20 a month, or one Starbucks coffee a week, you’ll pay for one first-time patient visit, with lab work, diagnosis, treatment, and stop-gap medications.

Your larger gift provides more mental health care and dental care… 

Our view is to increase our holistic care. When patients trust us and are comfortable coming to the Clinic, they share their health struggles. Most often, we hear about mental health issues and dental pain. Without another resource to send patients for free, we aim to bring additional care onsite with full-time mental healthcare and a mobile dental bus for oral care and education. With a larger pledge or multi-year gift, we can better meet our mission of moving toward wellness. Imagine what our community would be like with people who can fully live, work, and play as fully as those of us with insurance cards can. Email our Executive Director Laura Milliken at lauramilliken@cfclinic.org to discuss more.

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